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If you are an active blogger or creating lots marketing material, you probably use a huge number of images and photos to keep your audience engaged. If you share on Facebook and Twitter, you may want to have suitable thumbnails. It’s a hell lot of work to have so many images and their derivatives. Some common tasks:

  • Create a derivative image for Facebook post of size 281x394, 470x235, 470x246, …
  • Generate an image for Twitter post of size 600x335, 800x320, …
  • Create round, square thumbnails, …
  • Generate images for Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card

Without simple and effective tools, you won’t be able to accomplish those tasks efficiently. I create a too called PySmile that does automated conversion for you. The tool is a command line Python script and will add GUI soon.


  • Easy to run with very few input arguments
  • Supports multiple output formats: ‘PNG’, ‘GIF’, ‘JPG’, ‘JPEG’, ‘BMP’, ‘PDF’
  • Preserves transparency ({GIF, PNG} => {GIF, PNG})
  • Multiple options for resizing: By ratio, fixed width, fixed height
  • Takes wildcards for input files
  • Specify as many input files as you want
  • Non-destructive conversion of transparent PNG to non-transparent PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF


Convert *.png to pdf

./pysmile.py -o pdf -d ExportFolder ~/Downloads/*.png

Resize to 50% and Keep Format

./pysmile.py -r 50 -d ExportFolder ~/images/*

Resize to Fixed Width 200px and Keep Format

./pysmile.py --width 200 -d ExportFolder ~/images/*

Resize secret*.bmp to Fixed Height 200px to JPEG

./pysmile.py -o jpeg --height 200 -d ExportFolder ~/images/secret*.bmp

Single Input File

./pysmile.py -o png --height 200 -d ExportFolder ~/images/single.jpg

Multiple Input Patterns

./pysmile.py -o png --height 200 -d ExportFolder ~/images/single.jpg ~/Downloads/*.gif ~/Desktop/*hey*.png

For Detailed Usage

usage: pysmile.py [-h] [-r SIZE_RATIO | --width WIDTH | --height HEIGHT]
                  [-d DEST_DIR] [-o OUTPUT_EXT] [-t] [-q]
                  input_pattern [input_pattern ...]

Process images in batches.

positional arguments:
  input_pattern         Look for files that match some pattern. E.g. *.png or

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r SIZE_RATIO, --size-ratio SIZE_RATIO
                        Whether to resize, in %
  --width WIDTH         Resize to specified width
  --height HEIGHT       Resize to specified height
  -d DEST_DIR, --dest-dir DEST_DIR
                        Destination directory to writen processed images
  -o OUTPUT_EXT, --output-format OUTPUT_EXT
                        Output format/extension to save all images. If empty,
                        original format of images is preserved. Allowed output
                        extensions: ('png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'bmp',
  -t, --gif-transparency
                        Preserve transparency when converting to GIF. Note:
                        May yield lower quality output.
  -q, --quiet           Convert files without confirmation