Back for good – New features on Posterous

Was not using this blog for quite a while as it lacked the features I needed such as reordering of the images in a gallery. Today I got an email from Posterous announcing a bundle of new features such as updated web editor, more flexible image/photo management and 2 new themes.

I love the new theme named “Minimal” (currently in use). It’s clean & elegant. There are a few important additions to the themes, such as show on click and show on hover widgets. JS is not yet allowed but let’s hope that there are will be more dynamic widgets to compensate the designers and users.

I’m waiting for the moment when designers can add their own JS snippets. The meta language by Posterous for theme design is not feature rich yet. The editor always lacks the “justified” text alignment feature. Let’s wait for a surprise from them.

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Chrome wins Safari by a few tipping points

A winner app does not need a mind blowing or much superior feature or difference. Many times, a small bit of improvement can make a huge difference in user satisfaction and perception. Seeing Safari or Firefox designs, I perceive them as “heavy” and “slow”. Their design filled with dark colors and appear to be very “thick”. Chrome, conversely, delivers lightweight look and feel through its design. Lightweight appearance of Chrome makes me feel more pleasing and feel it much faster than Safari and Firefox. Opera design is even worse. 

Not only is Chrome more lightweight in design but also outperforms other GUI browsers. But that’s a huge topic. I just focus on little bits that make users more satisfied and better informed. I tried uploading files to IVLE countless number of times using Safari and it stalls on medium and big uploads (300KB and more). It sit clueless and impatience takes over me when I have to upload submission over 9MB. There are no indication of speed, progress or even a single notice like “loading” or “uploading”. Firefox does not do much better. Chrome is different. It keeps me informed about the progress. It’s just a tiny bit but has big impact: I know that it’s running, I know the progress and I can expect when it finishes and I feel staying in control. Here’s the tiny screenshot that makes me happy:

I deduce that good design and good application cares about keeping users informed, making them feel staying in control and reduces the degree of uncertainties.

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Posterous is awesome!

Learn few great thing about Posterous: You can create your themes and add custom domain for free! It’s super simple and no PHP needed, while WordPress requires designer to learn PHP to be able to create themes. One more thing, owners can publish by just sending an email. The technique is simple but the usability and convenience have been greatly improved.

There’s a few shortcomings too:

  1. No image embedding in web posting interface
  2. No predefined styles (such as H1, H2, Body Text, …) but only font sizes in web posting interface
  3. Searching sucks! I can never find anything, even tags and content match!

But one still can add images by going to the raw HTML editing. Here’s my image and YouTube:




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Back to blogging on WordPress engine :)

For customizable & self-hosted blogging, WordPress is one of the best engines. So I’m coming back to WordPress. Must say that WP 2.9.2 is great improvement since 2.5 that I used 2 years ago. Installing Themese and Plug-ins was never as simple as now. Dashboard rocks, and tastes much better than the front-end default theme! After seeking around themes, I chose “Vermillon” by Caching is enabled via WP-Cache. Seeking plug-ins for code highlight.